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Author Ian Probert has selected three images  ( two of which are located and accessed via the links to the left)  to be included in his latest effort, "Surreal Digital Photography." It was released in October of 'o4 and is now available at finer book stores, etc...   Speaking of which, as I've yet to receive my complimentary copy from the Ilex Press (& the odds are I never will as numerous letters go unnoticed), I dropped by the local book store and picked up a copy to see how it turned out. From beginning to end, the work and presentation is superb. For anyone interested in digital explorations and contemporary surrealism, I would encourage you to take a look. A wide array of work from a variety of creative-types are included along with (the aforementioned) 'how-to' rhetoric and excellent reproductions.  

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While details as to the 'how & why' aspect of things are included in the book, no such rhetoric will be found here. I've never liked much talking about that sort of thing... guess you could buy the book.

Ten Men At The Museum Looking At Framed Objects

Lisa's Eyes

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