bio |  randy luckey was born in stroudsburg, pennsylvania. his father owned several movie theatres where, it is believed, he acquired his visual acuity and a love for fantasy. early on, he became fascinated with the idea of 'making something out of nothing'.

moving to phoenix, the passion for music struck him early. taking up the piano, the seeds were planted in what garnered him a bachelor's degree in music composition from arizona state university. influenced by the 'british invasion' and the progressive rock movement, they would become his musical roots. together, the film influences aside the nueva musica from the late sixties & early seventies, randy formed a visual style of composing spanning a variety of styles.

as the progressive music of the time used synthesizers to create new sounds and aural landscapes, the new tools of digital imaging have changed photogrpahy and imaging forever. images that could only have been rendered via paint brush in years gone by are now in the hands of everyone. of no small note is that the similarities between music and photography are many. tones, shades, structure, color, balance, contrast, composition.... all are vital elements in the two crafts.