the city series started some years back upon making a photo of a friend gazing upon a painting at the phoenix art museum. removing the viewer from the image, he was digitally altered and juxtaposed aside several complimentary framed objects and a new background. several of these early efforts were published in ian probert's 'surreal digital photography'.

a turning point came some time later as another colleague was photographed before a large abstract painting (see crop at right). this photo has proven to be the catalyst for the city series as the man (as he has come to be known) is the only constant in the collection. traveling through odd times and different worlds, the man can do little more than witness the goings-on.. be it of his world or another. 

from san francisco to berlin, images of and in museums (& their visitors) have been made. these photos are then manipulated and juxtaposed in such a  manner that a 'new' museum is made. one that is unlike any other.