1220 dot org is a collection of photographic and rendered images by randy luckey. fashion. commercial, and travel photographs, as well as recent surreal explorations, are presented in a variety of galleries. for a 'in-depth bio|etc, check in here.


having worked in the phoenix-photographic world for over two decades, his view has been consistent: make the photograph and let the pieces fall... the result you will find on this site in a variety of galleries. a portfolio with vast passions.

educated as a musician, the motion towards imaging was seamless as the similarities in the two crafts are  numerous. the genres would meet via film-making efforts with videographer mike carro.


recent efforts have been in exploring surrealism by way of travel photographs made over the years. altering those images as seen fit and adding 'characters' to those scenes. the end result is 'the city series'.

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